IE18-206 Promoting Healthy Sexual Expression for Individuals with Disabilities-Evening Session
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IE18-206 Promoting Healthy Sexual Expression for Individuals with Disabilities-Evening Session
Presented by: Dr. Shaniff Esmail
May 28, 2018 | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: Shaw House, Vezeau Beach
#2, 46300 Twp Rd 611A, Moose Lake, AB
Grade Level / Audience
Parents, Educational Assistants, Teachers K - 12, Administrators, Jurisdictional Leadership, Support Services Personnel, Health Care Professionals, Health Care Aids, General Service Providers, Family Members and Front-line Staff
About the Session

Physical and mental changes associated with an illness or injury can affect our clients’ sexual health adjustment. This workshop will explore the impact of disability and illness on sexual identity and functioning. The session will provide strategies when dealing with individuals with physical or mental disabilities.  Specific approaches will be provided when dealing with physical disabilities as well as individuals with intellectual challenges, Autism, FASD, Down Syndrome and mental illness. Although there are no recipes when dealing with the topic of sexuality and disability, this workshop will provide participants with practical guidelines and strategies dealing with specific sexual health concerns and promoting healthy sexual expression for individuals with disabilities.


Topic areas that will be addressed:

  1. Impact of disability on sexual health
  2. Dealing with sexuality from a sex-positive framework
  3. Dealing with inappropriate sexual behaviors
  4. Strategies for facilitating appropriate healthy sexual expression
  5. Dealing with issues of consent
  6. Strategies for service providers
About the Presenter

Dr. Shaniff Esmail

A licensed occupational therapist for 29 years, Dr. Shaniff Esmail is presently the Associate Chair and Professor with the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Alberta. He began his career as an occupational therapist at the Workers Compensation Board and before long took on a sole charge therapist position where he was responsible for establishing an occupational therapy department in a rural Alberta hospital. Soon he was lecturing in the undergraduate program at the University of Alberta, progressing to studies for a master’s degree and PhD and an academic appointment. Over the years, Shaniff’s interests have included work evaluation; sexuality and disability training and education for adults, parents and children; and teaching and curriculum development in the area of physical dysfunction. 

Registration Deadline: May 23, 2018

Registration Fee: $0.00

Registration Notes:

Includes refreshments and a light snack.

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