IE19-03 A Day with Denita Dinger - Embracing Play
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IE19-03 A Day with Denita Dinger - Embracing Play
Presented by: Denita Dinger
September 7, 2018 | 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: Happy House Day Care
5104 - 56 Street , Cold Lake, AB
Grade Level / Audience
Parents, Play-School Coordinators/Workers, Pre-Kindergarten Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers, Teachers Grades 1 - 5, Educational Assistants Pre-School to Grade 5
About the Session

EMBRACING PLAY - More and more, play has been replaced with teacher-directed learning. We no longer trust play as a child’s work. This keynote will not only define what play actually is, it will inspire the participants to embrace the learning power that is organically found in play. Through her 18 years of working with young children, Denita has learned that teaching isn’t so much about showing and doing as it is about stepping back, observing and supporting the current interests of children. This keynote will give participants a new appreciation for play and a fresh perspective on the value of child-led play. Through the sharing of simple ideas for setting the environment for successful play-based, child-centered learning, the roles of the adult in child-centered play will be CLEARLY defined. Participants will leave this session refreshed, energized and feeling empowered with valuable tools that will help them embrace play. The Importance of Why - Would you learn a complicated symbol system without being aware of why you need to know it? No, you wouldn’t. Yet, more and more, we expect young children to do just that. First, we use ineffective methods to force the memorization of letters and numbers and THEN we teach them the why. This method is meaningless to a child, and completely un- motivating. This workshop will leave you with a plethora of ways to set the environment so children can discover the WHY for themselves. Children will be intrinsically motivated to WANT to learn more! Got Joy? This workshop or Keynote is based on the Finnish saying: “Those things you learn without joy you will forget easily.” In our world of high-stakes testing and push-down academics, JOY is missing from too many classrooms. BRING BACK THE JOY! Set the environment in a way that brings joyful ownership of discoveries and connections into your classroom. Just because recent expectations placed on children are growing further and further away from being developmentally appropriate, does not mean the methods in which we teach need to also. Children need you to take a stand! Got Joy? Your answer will be YES after this inspiring, hands-on experience!

This learning opportunity is being offered through a grant from Alberta Education.

About the Presenter

Denita Dinger

Denita Dinger is a defender of the joyful and valuable learning that occurs in child-led play. She is passionate about bringing that joy to all early childhood programs, and helping others see play for what it truly is: the BEST way for a young child to build the foundation for a life- time of learning. Denita is all about building a foundation for LIFE, not just getting kids in the doors of Kindergarten.

Registration Deadline: September 04, 2018

Registration Fee: $132.00

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Registration includes a continental breakfast and lunch.

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